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Designed with customers to change the way we manage personnel flow in warehouses

Our Story

A tech startup born from a giant of the logistics world

PLANCISE is the brainchild of our MD, Thomas Mahringer. After years of seeing Warehouse Managers and Operations Directors struggling with personnel flow and processes in the warehouse, Thomas felt there was a better way. 

Whilst in his role at a well known logistics company from the industry, Thomas decided to get the conversations started. Fast forward 2 years and PLANCISE was born. 

A tech startup with a mission to change how warehouses are being managed day to day.

It's time for change in warehouses.

Our approach to warehouse management

For us it's all about using facts and figures to create a pleasant environment that runs smoothly.

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Transparent data in real time

PLANCISE has been designed to provide clear information at the click of a button. Increase collaboration and communication in your warehouse, respond swiftly to unforeseen events, and empower your team to make informed decisions. By fostering a culture of shared information, PLANCISE will optimise the efficiency of your warehouse.

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Automated and data-driven

Harness the power of real-time data to improve the workforce management in your warehouse. PLANCISE forecasts based on concrete facts. No more guesswork. With automated processes, you can minimise errors, enhance personnel flow, and gain valuable time back. PLANCISE is designed to empower your operations with precision and efficiency!

Our Vision

To make warehouses across the globe profitable, efficient, and pleasant places to work in.

Company Logo

"You have to think of personnel flow control differently than before. Not as an "appendage" or "feature" to personnel management systems, but as a highly dynamic and networked system that recognizes personnel flow as a core process and thus increases operational excellence. That's why we chose PLANCISE. They deliver on this vision with us as a partner on equal footing."

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Hannes Egger
Director of Operations

Ready to see how Plancise could save you time and money in the warehouse?