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We've had enough of old school systems limiting the potential of warehouses just like yours. So, we thought it was about time we developed a software that enabled you to do all essential tasks in one place.

The three core components of Plancise

Capacity planning
Capacity planning

Easily allocate resources depending on seasonal fluctuations with just a few clicks. You are in control and communication is clear.

Capacity planning
Reporting and forecasting

No more long-winded reporting sessions. Set up your dashboards and from then on you'll have accurate reports and forecasts just a few clicks away.

Capacity planning
Shift management and rotations

Clear vision of who is where, when and who is available to cover when people are on holiday or sick. No more fraught shift management.

Features & Benefits

Capacity management

Looking for a crystal ball? PLANCISE is as close as you can get. Using historical data, you'll be able to look into the future with unwavering accuracy. Say goodbye to guesswork and start being proactive with your resource planning around seasonal fluctuations. It's time to navigate workforce management with confidence and strategic foresight!

Efficient shift planning

Plan your warehouse shifts with confidence for upcoming weeks, months, and even years. Our recurring shift plans automatically update themselves as needed, freeing you up to focus on managing expectations and unexpected events. Bid farewell to spreadsheet chaos and elevate your shift planning with PLANCISE.

Balancing resources

Maintaining balance in the warehouse is critical. PLANCISE allows you to effortlessly assign the right people to the right tasks with just the click of a mouse. A transparent process that ensures everyone is in the loop. Say hello to better productivity and morale.

The mobile app

A happy employee is an engaged employee! Our PLANCISE mobile app is perfect for keeping your team informed and consistently up-to-date. With direct access to shift plans and automatic notifications about zone changes, your employees always know where they stand.

Designed with specific people in mind

Who have we created this warehouse software for?

If you are running a warehouse, overseeing the operations for your business, or responsible for the entire supply chain in your organisation, PLANCISE is for you.

Operations Directors and Managers

For those struggling with a lack of transparency in the warehouse, no streamlined processes and having to work reactively rather than proactively, PLANCISE provides an all-in-one solution to these pains.

VP of Supply Chain

Having to fulfill supply chain tasks with limited budgets whilst trying to focus on the wider infrastructure? Aware of poor performance areas but not sure how to fix them? The transparency and simplicity of PLANCISE could bring the clarity you need.

Warehouse Team Leaders

Struggling with resources and distributing them effectively in the warehouse that you run? Having to battle unexpected events and manage them with clear communication? PLANCISE provides a system where you can communicate clearly and respond to unexpected events efficiently.

Finance Directors

Looking for a clearer picture of the missed opportunities in your warehouse and ways to make your organisation more profitable? PLANCISE provides you and your team with a high-level overview of the blind spots.

Warehouse Workers

Fed up of not knowing where to be and when in the warehouse? In need of clearer communication around shifts and the tasks you'll be doing. PLANCISE makes it easier to manage personnel flow in the warehouse.

Who have we created This For

Ready to be part of the Rocket Fuel revolution for warehouses?